Animated documentary / 26 min / 2023 / Italy, France

Director : Victoria MUSCI
Writers : Catherine MAXIMOFF & Victoria MUSCI

Produced by :
Les Contes Modernes - Patrice NEZAN & Laurent VERSINI
Ibridio Studio - Federico TURANI
Showlab - Alfio BASTIANCICH

Synopsis :
TUFO is the true story of a Sicilian bricklayer who became a target of the Mafia. For years, his business was damaged and his family threatened, but he never gave up.
Thanks to his struggle, the criminals were imprisoned and brought to trial. He and his family still live in Sicily today.
The film is based on the testimonies of Ignazio CUTRÒ, Giuseppina ADRIGNOLO, Giuseppe CUTRÒ and Veronica Aurora CUTRÒ.