La Fulgurée

TVMovie / 1h27min / 2023 / France / Thriller

Director: Didier Bivel
Writers : Sylvianne Corgiat, Bruno Lecigne

Produced by : Adrénaline

Synopsis :

Lucie and Samuel Carrera were celebrating their wedding at the Auberge du Lac de Guéry in the Auvergne mountains when lightning struck them and five other people. Samuel was killed instantly. The others survive, but become 'fulgurés' with strange after-effects that turn their lives upside down. Lucie is endowed with an exceptional capacity for memory, remembering everything at every moment of her life. This ability prevents her from overcoming her trauma and mourning. Two years later, the "miracles of Lac de Guéry" are reunited at the scene of the tragedy. It was then that a mysterious killer began to eliminate them one by one. Major Julien Eider of the Clermont Regional Police leads the investigation, amazed by Lucie's hypermnesia, which provides him with invaluable assistance.